Residents of Miami, FL often face the daunting task of protecting their home or business, whenever a hurricane forms off the Atlantic Ocean or the Gulf of Mexico during the summer months.

It is, therefore, essential for home and business owners alike in Miami to take care of their properties during a hurricane with the use of hurricane shutters.

The most vulnerable part of a home or business is the windows, as the glass can generally break when debris flies around during a hurricane and hits any part of the house with massive force. Here is a good article about the differences of impact glass windows versus hurricane shutters for Florida Hurricanes.

It is because of this reason that people use many different techniques to save their windows but aluminum shutters are by far, the most convenient way to protect your windows during a storm or hurricane in Florida.

Aluminum hurricane shutters are affordable and will easily provide the support necessary to prevent the windows from breaking before and after a nasty storm.

There are many types of aluminum shutters which can be used to protect your investment and the selection of a particular shutter type depends on the size of the window, the amount of protection required and the budget allocated to protect your home or business.

Here, we discuss some of the common aluminum shutters that are used to cover windows during a hurricane storm.

Types of Hurricane Shutters

Colonial Shutters

Colonial shutters come in two pieces which fold together to protect the window and can give your home a nice complimentary look to the outside.  Colonial shutters are installed directly to the wall and also look beautiful as they are available in different colors.

They can, however, be quite costly and take around an hour to cover the windows in case of a hurricane.

Storm Panel Shutters

Storm panel shutters are attached to the walls and run mostly on tracks. These shutter panels overlap each other and therefore have no weak zones. They have excellent strength as they use fixed bolts for attachment beneath the window for stability.

They are quite inexpensive and can be removed when not in use. Their robustness allows them to cover all openings including the doors as well.

They usually have sharp edges and can cause difficulty for the person installing them. Storm panel shutters also require storage as they are only attached to the windows during a hurricane or storm.

They can usually be installed pretty quickly but may increase the time required to secure a house if there are many windows that have separate storm panel shutters.

In addition, a lot of South Florida real estate companies use these type of storm shutters for homes that are foreclosed or when a Miami homeowner splits time with other homes and leaves their home vacant for periods of time for an added security measure.

Storm Panels for Sale in South Florida

Roll Down Shutters

Roll down hurricane shutters are installed above a window. They roll downwards to cover the window and lock securely when fully opened. They are easily enclosed in their box and therefore, are easy to store. AMD Supply carries both manual and electric powered shutters for your South Florida home or business.

They can easily be installed by a single person and are also excellent at stopping burglars from entering a home or business through a broken window.

Roll down shutters are very easy to operate too!

Roll down / Roll up shutters are quite expensive but they also provide the best protection for your home or business during and after a hurricane storm. There are also motorized versions that work with a push button to automatically deploy the shutter within in minutes.

These versions use a backup battery as there may be a power outage during a storm. They can operate with just a touch of the button and provide the home or business owner with the best hurricane protection in the market.

The Best Shutter Option

The best shutter though, depends on the structure that needs to be protected, your personal budget, the area you live in, and the types of hurricanes / storms that your home or business will have to encounter.

People who have a luxury home or very “one of a kind” items in their homes should always opt for complete home protection with a roll down hurricane shutter system from AMD Supply or the SuperNova accordion shutter.

For many people though in Miami, FL, a colonial or storm panel shutter solution may provide just the protection they need during and after a hurricane storm.

So make the right choice as per your home or business needs and then browse through our products to get the right one installed for your home.

Learn more about the hurricane shutter protection products that AMD Supply carries in their Hialeah – Miami, FL warehouse by clicking here or by calling AMD Aluminum directly at 786-671-0700.

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