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5 Reasons to Go With PVC Fence over Wood Fence in Florida

PVC Fencing durability, beauty, and affordability are just some of the reasons it is better than conventional alternatives like wood or iron fencing. In this blog, we will be discussing the numerous advantages of using PVC Fence (vinyl) for your residential or commercial property in Florida. 

Reasons to Go With PVC Fencing

  • Low maintenance: A major benefit of vinyl fences is that they require little to no maintenance. For instance, you will not have to get a PVC fence painted to keep it protected, nor will you have to worry about applying chemicals to keep pests at bay. 
  • Easily cleanable: Even if your PVC Fence is affected by mildew or mold, you will not have to resort to vigorous scrubbing to get rid of it. Generally, you will only need water and soap to clean vinyl fences, and, in case of mildew, you will just have to add a bit of bleach to the mix. 
  • No rotting or rusting: With PVC Fence, you can water your lawns without having to worry about staining the fence. Moreover, PVC posts do not rot and break inside the post holes, as is the case with wood posts. What’s more – vinyl does not rust like chain links or wrought iron posts. 
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  • Durable: One of the raw materials used in vinyl preparation is titanium dioxide, which happens to be an excellent UV inhibitor. This means that your PVC fence will remain protected against any harmful UV rays, and will not turn yellow. In addition, compared to wood, vinyl has fivefold tensile strength, which means that PVC fences are also suitable for regions that see rough weather such as heavy storms or winds. 
  • Attractive: PVC fences are available in a wide variety of styles and can be modified to appear like wood or to mimic white picket fences. They can also be molded into a number of attractive shapes. 

Final Word:

Thanks to its many benefits, PVC Fencing is becoming the premier choice for residential fencing in Florida. Although aluminum fencing is thoroughly used in the sunshine state due to its weather proof elements, if you want to learn more about PVC fencing and how it can benefit your residence, please feel free to visit our website