Benefits of an Aluminum Fence

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Whether you are replacing your current residential fence, or installing one for the first time, choosing the right fencing material is of paramount importance.

Numerous owners prioritize aluminum over alternatives like wood – and for good reason. In this blog, we will be discussing the advantages of going with an aluminum fence.

Advantages of Aluminum Fence Materials

Lower cost – and a classic fence look: An aluminum fence looks almost identical to its steel or wrought iron counterparts. However, since aluminum is lighter and does not demand excessively specialized production, an aluminum fence will cost you considerably less than other metal fences.

Compared to steel, an aluminum fence weighs approximately 67% less, meaning that the transportation and installation process is far simpler for aluminum. As a result, aluminum fencing is associated with considerably lower labor expenses thus a higher ROI with each fence install project.

Can be used in different topographies: If you own an uneven or a hilly property, you can only go with fencing materials that can follow slopes.

Aluminum is one of the most ‘rack-able’ materials, which means that you can adjust it according to your yard topography. Aluminum fencing will ensure that there are no gaps at the base of your fence, thereby allowing you to maintain your yard’s beauty and security.

Not only are these gaps distracting to the eye, but they can also serve as passageways for intruders and animals. Ask AMD Supply about our “Rack’N’Mount” fence line for the ultimate time saver when it comes to installing fences on uneven land.

Lower chances of corrosion: The chances that a metal fence will corrode usually depend on both the base and finishing materials.

Thankfully, aluminum fence supplies are highly resistant to corrosion.

This reduced possibility of corrosion is due to the fact that aluminum, unlike steel, is a non-ferrous metal. In other words, aluminum does not react strongly to water. Hence, with aluminum fencing, you will not have to worry about treating or preventing rust.

Easy maintenance:  Like Vinyl Fencing, aluminum is an immensely easy material to maintain. Aluminum does not require renewed protective coatings, unlike wood fences, which need regular painting and finishing.

Caring for your aluminum fence will simply require you to clear accumulated debris such as twigs or leaves, and hose it down with water.

Aluminum Fence Wholesale

An increasing number of homeowners in Florida are waking up to the advantages of buying aluminum fencing for their properties.

If you are a homeowner and think that an aluminum fence suits your requirements best, please feel free to reach out to AMD Supply to learn more about our aluminum fence supplies as well as finding the nearest fence installer or contractor that utilizes our “American” manufacturer aluminum fence products.

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