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Texas Hurricane Shutters

The Texas Gulf Coast has the same hurricane season as Florida which runs annually from June 1st to November 30th. Property owners without adequate, TDI approved, hurricane protection products face serious property damage when a hurricane hits the Gulf of Mexico.

With hurricane wind speeds reaching up to 150 MPH, home windows that are not protected by TDI approved hurricane shutters can break and cause a sudden change in pressure. That pressure change could tear the roof off a home and cause catastrophic damage. Protecting your home with approved hurricane shutters from the Texas Division of Insurance is the first start in keeping your home and family safe. Without adequate or approved hurricane protection your family and home are at serious risk.

Hurricane Harvey

Water crashing over bridge during Hurricane Harvey in Kemah, Texas

Hurricane Harvey hit the Gulf Coast as a Category 4 hurricane that made landfall on August 17th, 2017. The damage caused by Hurricane Harvey resulted in catastrophic flooding and inflicted $125 billion dollars in damage to Houston and the Gulf Coast area of Texas.

The damage caused to the Houston metro area and SE Texas along the gulf coast and into Louisiana meant that Hurricane Harvey changed the lives of many Texans.

Texas Department of Insurance

AMD Supply’s award-winning brand, the Supernova Shutters are approved Texas Hurricane Shutters under SHU-246. The Supernova Shutters are built to withstand winds up to 175 mph and designed with quality workmanship to the exact specifications of your doors, windows, garage door, patio, curved areas, and second story balconies.

Our hurricane protection products adhere to the strictest building codes in the world (Florida Building Code Approved) and are constructed with the highest quality aluminum. Constructed of heavy-duty, extruded aluminum blades, our Supernova Shutters are designed to provide greater strength at the mounting point by using thicker aluminum angles for superior strength in comparison to competing accordion shutters for maximum hurricane protection.

Security Shutters

Our hurricane shutters are Made in the USA. Property owners appreciate the high gloss paint finish and noise-reducing track felt. Supernova Shutters also have the popular clear lexan blades that permit light and visibility into your home during a storm.

Hurricane Harvey Made Landfall on August 25th
NOAA Hurricane Harvey Map

Gulf Coast Shutters

Supernova Shutters are approved for use in Texas and Florida. These are TDI-approved shutters for storm protection on the Gulf Coast for the highest quality hurricane protection:

  • Accordion Shutters
  • Bahama Shutters
  • Corrugated Storm Panel Shutters
  • Roll up Shutters
  • Wood Structural Panel Shutters
  • Other Shutter Systems
    • Colonial Shutters
    • Wind Screen System
    • Fabric Storm Panels
    • Rolling Fabric Shutters
    • Aluminum Shutters
    • Hurricane Screen
    • Fabric Shutter System
    • Polycarbonate Storm Panels

When deciding on the right storm protection for your home on the Texas Gulf Coast, it’s important to understand what it means to be the property owner or renter and how it relates to deploying your storm and security system in the quickest and most efficient manner.

Roll up Hurricane Shutters

For the maximum storm and hail protection on the Gulf Coast of Texas and inland; Roll shutters provide the quickest deployment to protect your home with a touch of a button. An electric motor can lower the 58 mm extruded aluminum slats in under 30 seconds to protect your property.

Our rolling shutters are approved in Texas under SHU-239 and are a permanently mounted impact protective system. The shutter system is housed at the top of the assembly for the slats to roll up. Learn more about AMD Supply’s rolling shutters and get a free quote today.

Where to Buy TDI Approved Shutters?

You can only purchase approved shutters in Texas through an authorized window dealer, shutter contractor, or building company. AMD Supply does not sell to the public or home owner.

Contractors can become an authorized vendor of AMD Supply approved hurricane protection products in Texas by clicking here. You can call us at (786) 671-0700 for more information on our TDI approved roll up and accordion hurricane shutters as well as the nearest contractor to your Texas zip code.

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