Aluminum, owing to its characteristics, is ideal to be used in the food industry for packaging and storing food. When it is passed between rollers under high pressure, it becomes thin and long, taking the shape of sheets. These sheets are widely used in the food industry, in restaurants and food manufacturing and packing industries because of the following properties.

Properties of Aluminum

  • It is temperature stable.
  • It has excellent conductivity.
  • It is moisture resistant.
  • It is non-toxic and odorless.

Uses of Aluminum in Food Industry

One of the most common uses of aluminum sheet in the food industry is packaging. It includes drink cans, bottle tops, foil wrapping and foil containers. Aluminum contains the food cleanly and protects it from the external environment. Its natural resistance to corrosion makes it ideal to wrap and package food and drinks.

It is also impermeable, thus not letting the taste and aroma of the food and drinks from leaking out of the packaging.

Since the metal is non-toxic, it is ideal to be used with food materials and drinks. It does not react with the contents of the food, thus keeps it safe from turning into anything harmful. It is one of the most highly used metals in the food and beverage industry because of the ease of use it offers, along with the other properties mentioned above.

Wholesale Aluminum Sheets

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