If you reside in a hurricane-prone area in the United States, you’ve probably considered installing hurricane shutters or storm panels alongside the windows and doors of your house. Shutters are known to be the most economical solution for people living in places like Florida, where the risks of storms and hurricanes are very high for most of the year. 

There are many types of hurricane shutters available out there, each with their own pros and cons; however, there are two types that AMD Supply carries for their shutter contractors throughout Florida. These include accordion shutters and Do It Yourself (DIY) hurricane panels.

Here is a comparison between the two so that you can easily decide which one best fits your needs. 

Accordion Shutters

These are one of the most popular types of hurricane shutters, particularly among homeowners living in Florida. They are available in one or two-piece configurations, and they look like ‘curtains.’ As the name suggests, they can actually unfold like an accordion and are stored towards one side on the exterior window frame.


  • They are made using the best-quality aluminum and stainless steel parts
  • They can be fitted permanently on the sides of the windows, preventing you from having to constantly re-install them
  • They are super easy to install and just require you to slide them and connect the sides
  • A single shutter can cover entire balconies 
  • They are extremely strong, durable, and offer maximum protection against hurricanes 
  • Accordion shutters don’t require any extra storage space since they are stored right next to the windows


  • They tend to look bulky and out-of-place
  • They are more expensive than other kinds of hurricane window protection equipment 

DIY Storm Panels 

These hurricane panels are also made of high-quality aluminum and are meant to be attached to the walls that surround the windows of the house. They typically have a grooved design, where one piece overlaps the next one in order to provide maximum strength. The main reason why they are popular is because of their low cost, as compared to other types of storm panels. 


  • They are inexpensive and easy on the pocket
  • They are available in different types, such as ones that are directly bolted to the wall, ones that use tracks, and others that include both tracks and bolts. 
  • They can be easily removed without any hassle.
  • They are incredibly strong and provide increased protection for both doors and windows 


  • They need external storage to store them when not in use
  • Installation is a tad difficult and requires more than one person
  • They have sharp edges so you must handle them with care
  • There are times when they don’t end up lining properly

Both Accordion Shutters and Hurricane Storm Panels have their own share of disadvantages; however, they are top choices for aluminum hurricane panels and shutters. 

So, if you wish to invest in good-quality, durable, and efficient hurricane window protection equipment, buy your shutters from AMD Supply and protect your home from Florida hurricanes and unexpected storms.