Using Aluminum for Signs

Most signs are created from aluminum these days as aluminum is the best material for use in circumstances requiring regular wear and tear from weather and the environment that they are in.

Although iron and steel may be stronger they cannot provide the same durability as is provided by the appropriate aluminum grade for your custom sign in South Florida.

What are Aluminum Grades?

Aluminum is a lightweight metal which is often used for its beautiful finish and extreme durability. It does not rust like iron and therefore can easily be used in applications where it is difficult to perform regular maintenance and care.

It is frequently used as a building material and is much cheaper than both iron and wood in most circumstances.

Aluminum is available in various grades and different grades are suitable for different purposes.

The 6000 series of aluminum grades are affordable and the alloy contains magnesium and silicon.

There are however, two grades of 6061 and 6063 which are often used in the construction of fences, grills, frames and similar construction elements.

6063 Aluminum

The 6063 aluminum alloy is standardized by “The Aluminum Association”. The 6063 grade has excellent mechanical properties. It is an alloy than can easily be welded and its hardness can be altered and improved using heat treatment.

The 6063 grade is identified in the United States with this name, while the same composition is known in Europe as the aluminum alloy HE9.

The 6063 alloy does not lose its strength as compared to other aluminum alloys. It retains 70% of its strength at the welding point. The welded material can again be heat treated to improve the overall mechanical properties.

Signs Made from 6063 Aluminum

The 6063 aluminum grade is excellent for making customized signs because it offers great resistance to corrosion from common weather elements.

6063 aluminum is perfect for use especially for outdoor structures and is available in the form of tubes and bars which can be used to create any customized design. It is also available in the form of aluminum sheets to make letters and designs.

As signs get drenched in rains and face strong winds, they have to be made from a tough material that is not damaged by water. 6063 aluminum therefore, becomes the best choice as it has a very smooth surface.

It can either be painted or anodized to increase the level of corrosion resistance and weather protection.