Technical Information

Technical Information

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Our accordion hurricane shutters are:

Accordion shutters are among the most practical types of window coverings, because they are strong enough to offer some form of hurricane protection. This is because they are typically made of aluminum, which allows them to shield windows from heavy winds while also making it difficult for intruders to enter.

Accordion shutters often appear basic because they typically only come in a few neutral colors, but their durability enables them to add value to a property.


The Supernova brand was created in 2014 when AMD Supply heard from many of our customers that there was a need for a premium product to withstand Category 5 hurricane force winds based on Florida’s stringent building code that our dealers and contractors would feel confident recommending to their customers. AMD Supply designed, engineered, tested and received approval for our premium Hurricane shutter system superior to any other product in the market.

Our Hurricane Protection products are available in a wide range of finishes, so you can choose the one that best fits your needs and preferences. We offer competitive pricing for our Hurricane Protection products, so you can get the protection you need at a price that fits your budget.

We service many markets such as Florida, Texas, Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana, Latin America and the Caribbeans. Our Hurricane Protection products are ideal for both residential and commercial applications. Whether you’re looking to protect your home or business from hurricanes, high winds, or other severe weather conditions, we have the right Hurricane Protection solution for you.

#1 Accordion Shutters Brand

The Spruce featured the AMD Supply brand, “Supernova Shutters’, as the #1 accordion shutters in 2022. The simple yet strong and secure locking handles allow you to secure your accordion shutter from both outside and inside the house.

Our accordion hurricane shutters can be installed with permanent or removable tracks. They are manufactured to aesthetically fit the size and color of the window or door that is being protected.

Our accordion shutters offer excellent quality, performance and installation workmanship that far exceeds Florida’s strict “Building Code” for hurricane shutter requirements. The Supernova Shutters brand received approved hurricane shutter certification through the Texas Division of Insurance (TDI #SHU236).

Our accordion hurricane shutters are certified to be impact resistant to category 5 hurricane force winds in Florida — the highest hurricane certification in the country!

Our hurricane protection systems can also be used as a theft deterrent or to provide UV protection on windows that get direct sun exposure.

In general, most insurance companies in Florida will offer a 15% to 25% discount off your homeowners insurance when you install hurricane protection (aluminum panels, accordion hurricane shutters) on their whole house, including windows, doors, patios, and garages.

Quality & Reliability

Supernova Accordion Hurricane Shutters are permanently affixed structures that only need to be installed once. Supernova Shutters are tested and approved for use in the HVHZ by Florida and Miami Building Code. Heavy Duty Storm Shutters: Designed for Extreme Weather Protection, these shutters are certified to resist impacts from Category 5 hurricane winds exceeding 185 MPH. This state-of-the-art Supernova Shutter system surpasses the stringent Florida state code for hurricane defense, ensuring optimal protection in even the most severe tropical storms

Quality & Reliability

Supernova Accordion Hurricane Shutters are permanently affixed structures that only need to be installed once. Supernova Shutters are tested and approved for use in the HVHZ by Florida and Miami Building Code.

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