Since its discovery about 200 years ago, aluminum has taken the position of one of the most widely used metals and alloys in the construction industry. With the recent construction boom in South Florida, demand of aluminum for construction projects has also increased. It is used in a number of structural applications without which you will not be able to erect a building the right way.

Aluminum – The Building Material of Modern Age

In the modern world, you need much more than just erect a building. Aluminum, due to its amazing properties and characteristics, is ideal to be used in the infrastructure of buildings as well as for modern designs and aesthetics.

Real Estate Projects

Aluminum is all in one: contemporary and modern. It depends on how its qualities are used. In addition to being a great building material, it is also one of the metals that meet the highest environmental standards. Since it offers high reflexivity, aluminum also helps in regulating temperature and saving on your energy bills.

New Condo Construction in Miami

Due to the increase in the construction of new condos in Miami, the demand for aluminum has surged. To meet this demand, AMD Aluminum has its warehouse stocked all the time to ensure we meet the demands of our customers.

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