Florida preserves an unfortunate history of North Atlantic hurricanes in its chronological scrolls. As a result, the local residents of the state have to prepare in advance for the un-presaged circumstances—safeguarding their homes and families.

From flying objects whirling with the hurricane storm wind that may break the windows of your house, to the increased air pressure, which may cause roof failure and wall collapsing; hurricanes create property damage hazards, which need to be countered.

As such, the market for roll down shutters has grown rapidly over the past decade in South Florida.

This blog post puts the spotlight on roll down shutters, a member of the impressive league, and how the people of Miami may now have an even better solution within their reach.

What Are Roll Down Shutters

A matrix of meshed horizontal slats; roll down shutters are usually fabricated from aluminum with the option of having plastic viewports. They are installed above the windows, with a box, lock and a set of tracks on either side – framing these shutters.

Features of Roll Down Shutters

  • Roll down shutters not only provide protection against hurricane but they also protect your furniture by curtailing the sunlight.
  • With the curtained slats, homeowners can also block the path of radiated heat which helps them with energy savings.
  • Roll down shutters also reduce the outside noise while protecting your privacy.
  • Easy to install, with no extra storage requirements and can be operated manually through a hand-pull down or hand crank.

And Now the People of Miami May Have an Even Better Solution

Progress preludes convenience and roll down shutters have now transformed into an even better version—welcome to the age of motorized hurricane shutters!

No more tedious manual operation: motorized roll down shutters can now be easily lowered and lifted with the flick of a switch.

Even equipped with a central access remote control, homeowners can now operate multiple roll down shutters from one location, without having to move to every individual stack of aluminum shutters.

Motorized roll down shutters are integrated with improved protection features with the control system automatically lowering them down if the wind speed crosses a certain specified velocity.

AMD Supply Offers High Performing Roll Up Shutters

Serving the people of Miami for over a decade, AMD Supply is the largest aluminum supplier in South Florida.

Housing an impressive color range of motorized roll-up hurricane shutters—white, ivory, beige and bronze—our roll down shutters are tested against stringent Miami-Dade building codes ensuring that you get a reliable protection solution for your home.

From a strong and rigid reel to a hardened aluminum alloy track; AMD Supply roll down hurricane shutters are durable in extreme weather conditions while providing a neat and finished look for your home or business.

You no longer have to worry about maintenance; we use self-lubricating tubular motors which have been engineered for an impressive service life. For further information, click here.