Your South Florida property is a hefty real estate investment. It is very understandable that you are extremely particular about every tiny detail regarding your homes security as well as aesthetics. Installing a perimeter fence around your property is an integral step in protecting your establishment, and in turn, giving it a complete look.

While there are plenty of options in terms of material, aluminum is one of the most preferred and popular one due to its versatility and durability. Finding a competent aluminum fence contractor in South Florida, however, is not an easy task. Homeowners should know whether the company they are selecting to execute the task is credible and qualified enough for the job or not.

Here are some of the questions that you should ask your fencing contractor prior to hiring.

1.    How long will the aluminum fencing work take?

Time is of the essence and its value cannot be ignored. When assessing companies, it is imperative that you ask them how they will meet the deadlines and economize the time required to finish the aluminum fence work. Any company who has a reputation of finishing their tasks within the specified time frame has the highest probability of being the right one.

2.    Do they enter into a written agreement?

A formal contract serves as a protection to both the contractor and the client. The agreement should have an itemized estimate – that is, there is a proper breakdown of the material required along with the cost, labor and service charges. It is advisable to go for a fencing contractor with a proper predetermined method of calculating the cost.

3.    How will the payment schedule work?

Another aspect to ponder upon is the payment schedule. Find out when your balances, deposits and payments are due. A reliable contractor is one who makes sure these details are clearly defined and included in the written agreement.

4.    Will the contractor provide references?

It is an important question to ask and you should never hesitate from asking this. An ideal local fencing contractor will reveal all their previous customers, most of whom will have good experiences to share. You should contact these people and inquire about the work done at their property. Checking up the reviews online and personally contacting these customers will alert you of the customer satisfaction.

5.    Does the company also provide aluminum gates?

It is always better to deal with the same contractor for all outdoor work. This way you will not get into the annoying situation of tackling more contractors than you can handle at one time. Ask the contractor about the types of aluminum gates they can provide. Ornate gates can be made from aluminum and you can customize the fences and gates with respect to the accents of your house. It is best to hire the same company for fencing and other aluminum related work on the property.

6.    Does the company provide installation warranty?

Ask the company about the warranty that they provide after the installation of the aluminum fence. Also, inquire if the company offers transferrable warranties so that if you sell the house, the warranty will automatically shift to the new homeowner.

7.    Is the company insured?

Before hiring, make sure that you see the documents that verify the insurance status of the company. Ascertain that the company you are considering has both the general liability insurance and worker’s compensation insurance. The former protects your property against the damages caused during the work whilst the latter gives you coverage if a worker gets injured on your property.

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