Packaging Tape and Supplies

Not only does AMD Supply want to cover all of your aluminum needs both standard and custom, but we also want to provide you with the materials necessary to get your shipments from A to B without worry of damage or dirt.

We carry a stretch film and packing tape that can easily be added to any order and can help to organize and protect your products.


Stretch film is incredibly versatile and can be used in virtually any industry. It is self-adhering, no need for tape or heat sealing. We carry Stretch Film in 3 inch and 18 inch width rolls which are sold by the case.

  • 18 Inch x 1000 Feet

  • 6 Rolls Per Case

  • 80 Gauge

  • 3 Inch x 1000 Feet

  • 18 Rolls Per Case

  • 80 Gauge

Great uses for stretch film:

  • Warehouse – shipping receiving
  • Freight forwarders and consolidators
  • Car manufacturers
  • The home owner – moving supplies


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We Also Carry Packaging Tape

  • Packaging Tape

  • 48 mm x 110 y

  • 36 Rolls Per Case

  • Transparent

  • 50 Micron

Adding stretch film or packaging tape to your order?

No hassle and no worries.

Simply let us know how many cases you need and you can pick it up or we can ship it with your order. Just want the stretch film?

We can handle that! Ask one of our sales associates today on how you can order stretch film or tape by the case from AMD Supply.