Mill Finish Aluminum

AMD Supply offers a wide range of mill finish aluminum product to our general contractors throughout the Tri-County area in South Florida, Puerto Rico, and export to Latin America and the Caribbean.

What is meant by “Mill Finish” is aluminum in its original form and appearance as its comes directly from the rolling mill (Alcoa, Reynolds, Kaiser, or Alcan) or an aluminum extrusion mill.

6061 vs 6063

6061 aluminum is heat treatable and stronger versus 6063 aluminum which is softer and used for complicated shapes. You can learn more about the differences between 6061 vs 6063 alloy at this blog post.

AMD Supply carries in stock and available for wholesale pricing, both aluminum alloys in mill finish:


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6061 Aluminum Supplies

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6061 ALLOY is heat treatable, resists stress cracks, and is easy to weld. It is ideal for structural projects. We offer our clients in Miami and throughout South Florida with the best priced 6061 aluminum that comes in a range supply of both unpainted and standard as well as customized aluminum shapes for your project:

If you are looking for Aluminum in Mill Finish or need a customized aluminum shape in the Miami – South Florida area (Palm Beach, Broward, Miami – Dade County) please call AMD Supply at 786-671-0700 or visit the contact page by clicking here.

6061 Aluminum Alloy Supplies in South Florida
6061 Structural Angle in Aluminum


AMD Supply offers 6063 aluminum in a range of unpainted standard and customized aluminum shapes and tubing. AMD Supply works closely with you to develop any customized aluminum extrusions or custom tubing you may need in 6063 alloy for your construction projects.

Our inventory of customized aluminum painted shapes includes:


Mill Finish Aluminum” is the natural appearance of the aluminum as it comes from the rolling mill (Alcoa, Reynolds, Kaiser, or Alcan) or the extrusion mill.

It is “as is” with no external mechanical or chemical finishing. Extruded metal is considered “mill finish”. All aluminum has an oxide of some varying thickness. Anodizing is a very heavy controlled oxide.

Anodizing is an electrolytically formed and controlled heavy oxide 0.0003 inches thick on up the 0.002 and on up. Mill Finish is a very lightly oxidized film and will wipe off with your bare finger and immediately form.

Rolled sheet would probably have a thinner oxide than hot extruded aluminum. If you want to bond silicone adhesive then you want a phosphate etch, or a light chromate or a thin (.0004 anodize in either chromic, sulfuric, or phosphoric.)

If you anodize, do not seal the coating and be sure your anodizer knows you do not want it sealed.

Mill Finish Aluminum processing plant