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SuperNova Hurricane Shutters

Increase Productivity and Sales!

As a manufacturer, your company will enjoy increased productivity with the revolutionary direct-mount system and commercial lock centermate.  

As there is no need for expensive custom machines to fabricate SuperNova – the manufacturer can also enjoy the benefit of minimal start up costs and increased savings.

Installers will appreciate the ease of installation of a true 1” track that fits easily around stucco bands and has added strength to keep it straight and true.

Balcony installations have never been easier now that SuperNova allows you to install shutters in the reverse direction saving time and money. 

AMD Supply carries hurricane panels


There simply is no other accordion system that can offer the range of benefits of
UPERNOVA Hurricane Shutters– your first choice in Florida storm safety.

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Florida Building Code Certified

Made in America 

Finally, homeowners love the look of SuperNova’s high gloss paint finish and the optional noise-reducing track felt. 

SuperNova also has available, the popular option of clear lexan blades that permit light and visibility into your home during a storm. 

There simply is no other accordion system that can offer the range of benefits of SUPERNOVA Hurricane Shutters– your first choice in storm safety.

For more information on hurricane shutters or storm accordion shutters that AMD Supply offers or if you have any questions about the SuperNova Hurricane Shutters please call us at (786) 621-6706.

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