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Aluminum for Custom Signs

AMD Supply is a wholesale supply company that carries various lines of aluminum products at its South Florida warehouse.

One particular aluminum product line includes the coils and painted aluminum sheets needed to manufacture custom signs for your project.

The following aluminum parts are used to manufacture an aluminum sign:

  • Raceway

  • Sign Frames

  • Painted Sheets

  • Aluminum Sheets

  • Coils

  • Aluminum Composite Material (ACM)

Aluminum signs are perfect for the real estate industry, commercial signage, corporate signage, construction signs, architectural signage, or if you simply need a sign for your retail business.

Custom Signs for Commercial Buildings using AMD Aluminum


Custom Signs for Commercial Buildings using AMD Aluminum

Why Use Aluminum?

Aluminum is the right metal for South Florida when choosing a material for your sign as it will not rust or decompose from South Florida hot, humid, and rainy weather year round.

Our aluminum signs are of a premium quality grade and we also carry in stock all the necessary aluminum extrusions needed for raceways and signs boxes.

Our aluminum signs are intended to be used both indoors and outdoors.  They are Florida weather resistant and will withstand the harsh elements over time!

  • Premium Quality – will not rust and malleable

  • D.O.T Aluminum – our aluminum sheets and tubes are D.O.T approved

  • Colors – painted aluminum sheets in 6 colors

Indoor vs Outdoor Signs

Depending on where your sign is located (inside / outside), aluminum is a great material choice due to its lightweight, strength, and malleability. Also aluminum will not rust outdoors and won’t rot or deteriorate like a sign made out of wood. Also a good rule of thumb for your sign is, the larger the sign, the thicker your aluminum sheets should be.

Our warehouse carries in stock all of the required aluminum supplies needed to manufacture a custom sign. Please visit our selection of 6063 aluminum products for all information on custom extrusions used for creating raceways and sign boxes.

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