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Custom Aluminum Signs

Aluminum is the perfect material for your sign as an aluminum signboard will not rust or decompose from the natural elements.

Our signs are of a premium aluminum quality grade and we also carry the necessary extrusions needed for raceways and signs boxes.

  • Premium Quality – will not rust and malleable

  • D.O.T Aluminum – our aluminum signs are D.O.T approved

  • Colors – painted aluminum sheets in 6 colors

AMD Supply is a wholesale supply company that carries various lines of aluminum products at its Hialeah – Miami, FL showcase warehouse.

One particular aluminum product line includes the coils and painted aluminum sheets needed to manufacture custom signs for your project. Aluminum signs are perfect for the real estate industry or if you simply need a sign for your retail business.

Coils of Aluminum
.040 X 5.3″ X 270 FT Channel Letter Coil

Please check out our 6063 aluminum products webpage for all information on custom extrusions used for creating raceways and sign boxes.

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