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Aluminum for marine use has been a popular metal when it comes to the manufacturing process of designing and building a boating vessel.

Due to aluminum’s strength, malleability, and lightweight properties, the marine and shipping industry has evolved over the last 50 years.

Aluminum is used in many different parts and marine equipment ranging from the hull of vessel to the boat ladders, railings, fuel tanks and gangplanks.

AMD Supply carries in stock all the necessary 6061 aluminum supplies needed for the marine and boating industry in Florida.

Marine Grade Aluminum from AMD Supply in Florida

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Different Uses of Aluminum for Marine Industry

Uses of Marine Aluminum

What Alloys for Marine Use

The marine industry has been using aluminum in the manufacturing of boating vessels for over 100 years due to aluminum’s wide range of application use.

The 5000 alloys are considered the top choice when it comes to marine grade aluminum. Boat hulls are commonly made out of of a rolled aluminum sheets or plates due to its terrific corrosion resistance and high strength at weld points.

The 6000 alloys (6061 / 6063) offers the South Florida boating industry with two alloys that feature a strong yield strength (6061) for boat hulls and the 6063 alloy offers boat manufacturers with a higher level a malleability and features a surface finish for anodizing.

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