The forces of nature are rarely in man’s control, but one thing that always works in our favor is our ability to predict and prepare. If you are living in Florida, hurricanes may be a phenomenon known to you, depending on how many years you’ve lived in the “Sunshine State”. The Florida hurricane season in the area lasts from June till the end of November.

The intensity can range from mere strong winds to huge tornado sized winds that often causes great damage to your home and property. As much as the authorities are trying to improve the prediction process, you can never be too certain as to where a hurricane will land. Case and point, the hurricane path of Hurricane Irma.


So, it is always better to be safe than sorry!

You should always stay prepared for the worst when a hurricane is predicted through your city in Florida. The earlier you start, the safer you will stay. Here are a few tips from AMD Supply, that will help you make it through the hurricane season without any harm.

Stay Safe and Aware

Electricity outages are common during a Florida hurricane. If you cannot watch TV due to that reason, make sure you have a portable radio (don’t forget the batteries) so that you can stay aware of the warnings and announcements by the authorities. Stay inside until they announce that it is safe to go outside.

Rooms with minimum or no windows tend to be the safest in such circumstances but rooms especially equipped with hurricane shutters or impact glass windows will give you the most protection.

Do not try to stay in your home if the local Florida authorities ask for immediate evacuation.

Stock up Smartly

Hurricanes can often cause the roads to be blocked due to debris and down electrical power lines. Depending on how strong the hurricane is and the amount of damage to the roads, As long as it is all safe and clear, you won’t be able to get out of your home for hours or even days. Make sure your home has a good stock of non-perishable food, and water in containers that won’t break or decompose easily.

Tinned food items are the best options for such scenarios as they require little or no preparation. As for water, make sure there is enough to keep all the members well hydrated for at least a week. The risk of dehydration can increase during the time of panic.

As for flashlights, make sure you have flashlights stored somewhere where they can be accessed safely even in the dark. And don’t forget about the batteries!

Secure Your Home

There are certain building codes you need to follow if living in a high velocity wind zone such as Miami. This includes usage of solid and strong hurricane shutters made from the highest quality aluminum. The quality of the shutters goes beyond the material. Make sure you choose a product that can secure your home within the least possible time.

There are plenty of options available these days, but Supernova hurricane shutters ensure better safety and security due to the smart mechanism that makes them easy and quick to use, and are an approved building code high velocity shutter.

When buying hurricane shutters, make sure you get the highest quality ones. Never compromise your safety for a low cost, low quality product. Opt for one that promises the best value for your money. Check out the innovative Supernova hurricane shutters by AMD Supply. For more information hurricane shutters, please contact us directly to better serve your needs.

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