Piping is one of the abundantly used aluminum supplies across different industries in South Florida. The most prominent characteristic that has increased the demand of this piping in the recent years is the versatility it offers.

In addition, the overall cost saving and ease of installation has also made it a preferred choice across a wide range of industries. Aluminum pipes are used with water, air and fire.

Here is a detail of each.


Aluminum is light in weight and also can withstand high temperatures making it ideal to be used in fire protection systems. Aluminum is also corrosion resistant which makes it ideal to be used for maintaining the structural integrity of the buildings for years to come. It is commonly used in hospitals, high rise buildings, apartments, shopping centers and underground car parks.


All residential and commercial buildings need an effective water distribution system. Since water systems carry high volumes and pressure of water, they need an efficient piping system that can withstand changing temperatures and pressures while also being highly durable at the same time. Aluminum piping makes the best option for this. It is widely used in commercial, industrial and domestic buildings, car wash systems, gurney systems and processing plants.


Compressed air systems are needed for a variety of domestic and industrial uses. Since these are high pressure systems, the need for effective piping is enhanced. These systems are also vulnerable to corrosion and leakage which can be avoided by using high quality aluminum piping. They are widely used in blow molding, automotive workshops, diving equipment, abattoirs, food processing plans, service stations, mining, train support facilities, RAAF bases etc.

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