The Department of Transportation (DOT) is responsible for accepting and rejecting the product accordingly by testing its safety and effects.

They also provide a Qualified Product List which speeds up the recognition and approval of the products. Sampling, auditing, testing, and inspection are the processes they go through.

Below mentioned are the acceptance criteria of these materials:

  1. Quality Control Testing
  2. Materials created at non-certified plants should be pre-inspected.
  3. The product should get the certification from the list of QPL Department Certified Plant.

Highways and state roads are the locations where you will commonly find the Department of Transportation’s goods here in Florida.

6061 T-6 alloy is the standard with aluminum sheets, tubes, hardware, highway signs, delineators, and pipes for mounting.

In this regard, below is the application of 6061-T6 aluminum alloy, description of the types of hardware, and the mounting base plates.

Application of 6061-T6 Aluminum Alloys

When we talk about aluminum alloy, it is tough and more functional compared to the pure form of aluminum.

This is the reason why alloys like 6061-T6 are used in the making of sturdy and heavy-duty products, from the construction of the parts of aircraft including the wings and fuselage, to spacecraft, watercraft, boats, air coolers, bicycle frames, heat exchangers, heat-sinks, and different water pumps and tubes, such as hydraulic, water and air.

These alloys are great conductors and dissipaters of heat and can be bent into different shapes as well.

Aluminum Hardware

Hardware used on highways and delineators are:

Zbars :

  1. They are also called Z clips, purlins, and Z channels.
  2. Used on wall boards, display areas, framing, slides, stiffeners for PVC-Rails, supports, reinforcements, and tracks.
  3. Help in the making of racks, metal furniture, metal buildings, fences, tool boxes, enclosures, storage bins, cabinets, mezzanines, and much more.
    1. It is found in sizes of 12 foot length or in a box of 250 in 1.660″ lengths.


  1. Found in U-shape with both ends incorporating screw threads.
  2. Used in pipes, and pipe related work.
  3. Comes in different sizes of diameter, height, and dimension.
  4. Other than aluminum, these are found in steel, clad, copper, wire cloth, foil, stainless, high strength, galvanized, bronze, expanded metals and many other materials.

Base Plates

At the base of the tube, there are two varied types of mounting bases attached. These are:

  1. Soil plates are used in soil mounting.
  2. It is important to protect different hardware including bolt fasteners from the soil by grouting.
Breakaway base
  1. According to the Federal Highway Administration, breakaway poles should be utilized on highways with high-speed standard.
  2. It reduces the chances of injury and damage caused by an accident.

The Department of Transportation requirements should be followed as they are, for your own safety and benefit. You can order any of these products from AMD Supply, a South Florida Aluminum Wholesale Company located in Florida.