Aluminum is a very versatile material and can easily be used to create a multitude of products for commercial and residential applications.

It is especially useful for creating home fences, gates, and custom signs.

Aluminum signs are often used to indicate the name of a business and are erected outside a shop or a strip mall in South Florida, Latin America, the Caribbean and around the world. 

There are countless other applications where we may find that customized aluminum is paving the way with many new industries finding that aluminum is an ideal solution for their needs.

Customized Aluminum Fences and Gates

Many people want to use their imagination when creating aluminum fencing for their South Florida home.

Aluminum products are available in various shapes and sizes to create a custom fence to your liking. This allows customers to design their own unique fences. Customized fences are a beautiful addition to any property and allow the customer to use their creativity.

Customers also love aluminum gates. These gates can be used on the driveway of a property and installed to roll or to swing.  

Custom entry gates work in combination with access control devices such as motors to automate entry and exit.  Custom design allows each client to create unique gates and fences for their property.

Creating Advertisement Signs

Aluminum also comes in long sheets and rolls. These products can be used to create customized signs and place different names as an advertisement product. AMD Supply carries aluminum such as angles, tubes, sheet and channel letter in Miami, FL for custom sign manufacturing. These custom signs can truly help you stand apart from your competition!

Getting the Shine

Aluminum is best used in cases where you want to create a custom product that shines brightly in the presence of any light source. Aluminum signs can, therefore shine brightly during the day using the freely available sunlight.

They can also shine brightly in the night by utilizing the latest in LED technology. This makes custom aluminum products useful for advertising a business 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Smooth Products

Custom aluminum tubes, channels, and other extrusions can also be used to create smooth and unique products such as shelving, furniture, railings, kitchen equipment, race cars and just about anything that can be imagined.

Aluminum can easily be shaped and finished to prevent rough edges that can be a hazard. The flexibility of aluminum extrusions can create better designs.

AMD Supply has a wide variety of aluminum sheets and customized extrusions that can be used to create any design. Call us today to see how we can help you at (786) 671-0700.