Hurricane Shutters

Accordion Shutters VS DIY Storm Panels

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If you reside in a hurricane-prone area in the United States, you’ve probably considered installing hurricane shutters or storm panels alongside the windows and doors of your house. Shutters are known to be the most economical solution for people living in places like Florida, where the risks of storms and hurricanes are very high

Cost of Hurricane Shutters On the Rise in Florida

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AMD Supply LLC, Miami's leading wholesale aluminum supplier for hurricane shutters and aluminum supplies for contractors was recently featured on WPTV along with Just Shutter It, a leading Hurricane Shutter supplier in Port St. Lucie and Vero Beach, FL. Residents in Florida and the Caribbean had an eventful  2017 Hurricane Season in Florida with Hurricane

Basics on Hurricane Shutter Code

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Remember -  homeowners or businesses; any Florida area where the basic wind velocity is 120 mph or above is subject to the hurricane shutter code. All the areas within one mile of the coast, with wind speed above 110 mph, also come under the same category. Basic Requirements for Hurricane Shutter Code According to

Impact Glass Windows vs Hurricane Shutters

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There are many states in the United States that are most likely to be hit by hurricanes and storms every now and then but Florida is known as the state with the most hurricanes! 2017 Hurricane Irma ripped through Puerto Rico and Florida. What will 2018's Hurricane Season bring to local Florida home owners

Hurricane Shutter Guide – 2020

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AMD Supply LLC, South Florida's leading wholesale supplier for hurricane shutters and aluminum supplies, has recently added a whole new array of hurricane & storm shutters to our warehouse inventory. Residents in Florida and the Caribbean had an eventful  2017 with Hurricane Irma ripping through the southeast and destroying homes that were inhabitable for

Top 5 Hurricane Shutter Providers in South Florida

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Reliability, affordability, durability and the promise to deliver in the minimum of time spans— the four core requirements that sit atop the shutter checklist of every home or business owner that is searching for hurricane shutter providers in South Florida. However, with the market of Miami so saturated in this present age, people tend

All You Need to Know about the SuperNova Hurricane Shutters

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Living in a high velocity hurricane zone with a high chance of strong winds and storms, no one understands the importance of good hurricane shutters better than the people of Florida. There are many things you need to consider when it comes to buying hurricane shutters. First of all there is a strict code

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