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Is Aluminum a Better Choice in Architectural Design?

By |2018-10-02T01:27:43+00:00May 19th, 2018|Company Announcements|

When it comes to a material used in building and architecture, there is an ocean full of choices. You can choose numerous metals, various alloys, synthetic material, and even wood. Over the past few decades, aluminum has become the material of choice in architectural design. From fences to doors and from window shutters to

Questions to Ask Your Miami Aluminum Fencing Contractor

By |2018-05-04T23:42:11+00:00April 19th, 2018|Company Announcements|

Your South Florida property is a hefty real estate investment. It is very understandable that you are extremely particular about every tiny detail regarding your homes security as well as aesthetics. Installing a perimeter fence around your property is an integral step in protecting your establishment, and in turn, giving it a complete look.

Our Miami Aluminum Warehouse

By |2018-04-13T14:37:27+00:00April 14th, 2018|Company Announcements|

AMD Supply is one of the leading aluminum supply products distributors in Florida. We have been in the business for over a decade and offer aluminum supplies and hardware to contractors through out South Florida, Tampa, Key West, St. Petersburg, and Lakeland. Our aluminum products are widely used across various industries including but not

Qualities to Look for in an Aluminum Fence

By |2018-04-13T13:33:58+00:00April 13th, 2018|Company Announcements|

If you are in the process of buying an aluminum fence for your South Florida home, you must remember that it is an investment into the property value of your home as well as security and privacy. These types of home improvement investments don’t happen often but are costly if done wrong.  An aluminum

The Benefits of Installing Hurricane Shutters in South Florida

By |2018-10-02T01:46:35+00:00April 4th, 2018|Company Announcements|

Hurricane shutters are protective coverings that stop the force of hurricane strong winds and debris from destroying the interior of a house or damaging its doors and windows. Aluminum hurricane shutters are common in the coastal region of the United States, especially in South Florida (Miami, Broward, Palm Beach). These hurricane shutters are extremely

Roll Down Shutters Helps Florida Homes

By |2018-04-19T14:00:17+00:00March 21st, 2018|Company Announcements|

Florida preserves an unfortunate history of North Atlantic hurricanes in its chronological scrolls. As a result, the local residents of the state have to prepare in advance for the un-presaged circumstances—safeguarding their homes and families. From flying objects whirling with the hurricane storm wind that may break the windows of your house, to the

Uses of Aluminum Fences for Residential Homes

By |2018-04-04T16:19:53+00:00March 19th, 2018|Company Announcements|

Are you thinking about installing a residential fences around the perimeter of your South Florida home but are not sure what purpose will they serve other than keeping your South Florida home safe and look aesthetically pleasing? 4 distinct ways that residential fences are used: Fences Protect Your Home Aluminum fences will offer your

The Diverse Uses of Aluminum Tube

By |2018-12-06T22:22:31+00:00March 15th, 2018|Company Announcements|

Aluminum, the third most abundant metal present in the earth’s crust, is used in many different applications. No other metal comes even close to aluminum when it comes to the variety of things and industries aluminum is used in. What Makes Aluminum So Incredibly Popular? Here are the characteristics of aluminum making it ideal

Roll Down Shutters for Commercial Security for Miami Buildings

By |2018-12-06T22:08:34+00:00March 4th, 2018|Company Announcements|

If you are looking for the best way to keep your business or commercial building secure and want to keep away uninvited visitors at odd times, a roll down shutter is all you need. They are designed in a way that they don’t require too much space for their installation. It is a single

Construction Boom in South Florida & The Surge in the Demand of Aluminum

By |2018-04-19T14:48:45+00:00February 28th, 2018|Company Announcements|

Since its discovery about 200 years ago, aluminum has taken the position of one of the most widely used metals and alloys in the construction industry. With the recent construction boom in South Florida, demand of aluminum for construction projects has also increased. It is used in a number of structural applications without which