When it comes to a material used in building and architecture, there is an ocean full of choices. You can choose numerous metals, various alloys, synthetic material, and even wood.

Over the past few decades, aluminum has become the material of choice in architectural design. From fences to doors and from window shutters to decorations, the usage of aluminum has increased in general.

There are many reasons as to why aluminum is getting more attention against all the competitors. Today, we will shed light on the most important ones.

Strength and Durability

Aluminum, despite its lighter weight, is a very strong material. It holds strongly against almost all the forces of nature including high winds and excessive moisture. No matter how harsh the climate, aluminum does not corrode or crack easily.

Especially for areas where the climatic difference is extreme throughout the year, aluminum stands resistive against common problems with other material such as swelling, splitting and warping. Due to these properties, aluminum windows, doors, and decorative components tend to last longer with the least possible maintenance required.

A Greener Option

For the eco-conscious consumers, aluminum makes for an ideal option as well. As far as recycling is concerned, it is counted among metals with highest rate of recycling. The process generally requires only five percent of the energy utilized during production. Moreover, aluminum components play a vital role in increasing a building efficiency in terms of cooling and heating. So, builders and property owners who wish to keep the building sustainable prefer aluminum over wood and other metals.

Flexibility and Aesthetics

Since we are focusing on design elements, aluminum actually offers more flexibility to the designers. Complex designs can be easily created in aluminum at a much lower cost. Even custom designs in aluminum take less efforts and time. Moreover, aluminum sheets, extrusions, fences, and decorations come in a plethora of different finishes that do not require any kind of reapplication or painting. It is easier to match your aluminum decorations with the rest of the architecture.

Safety and Security

When aluminum is used in doors, gates, and fences, it adds an extra layer of security due to its inherent strength and durability. For homes in hurricane prone areas such as Miami, aluminum is used for shutters as well. These shutters do an excellent job in protecting your home and family from damage. The flexibility of the material allows manufacturers to create shutters that also add an aesthetic element to the whole building.

All these factors make aluminum a celebrated choice for skyscrapers as well as for homes. We offer a whole range of aluminum fences, shutters, and casting hardware at unbelievable affordable rates. Contact us for more information on our products.

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